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Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 11:10:52 -0800 (PST)

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The second meeting of the PDX-POP folks was awesome and attended by 20 or 25 volunteers. Great turnout. We took down some names and e-mail addresses for various committees, came up with some short lists of initial tasks for those committees, and further distilled our event definition. We also came up with a working title:

PDX POP NOW!          Josh Kirby will chair the event meetings, take minutes, and make them available to the list after we get together.

Our next meeting will be Monday, February 9 at 7PM at the Red & Black on Division.

What follows is a revised and refined definition of the event based on input from the meeting attendees:

The logistics of the event would be tackled by sub-committees of volunteers, who would take care of planning in at least the following areas:

We need to try to 'keep our eyes on the prize' and remember that this is about celebrating Portland music and not necessarily getting ourselves or our bands a good show. The main goal is to put together an awesome bill. This is why the committee-based booking concept is important. We would like to have the 'bigger draw' bands interspersed with the rest of the bill, so people don't just show up at the end. The booking committee will develop a 'wish list' of 30 bands. It was proposed that they decide on a few larger bands, and then come up with a system in which the PDX-POP list would vote on the rest of the bill.

Also, the committees establish a list of contacts; they are not exclusive or distinctive or anything like that - anyone's input is welcome on any committee or at any meeting regarding any subject at any time. Similarly, input is welcome via the PDX-POP list at any time, of course.

The following is how it broke down as far as the volunteering. I hope no one minds that email addresses are included - I provided them here so that people could have a reference and be able to make a contact list for their particular committees.

Committees & Members:

John Mulvey
Cary Clarke
Mark Mager
Greg Murphy
Jeff Hardison
Ross Beach

Initial Tasks:

* create a headliners wish-list
* time slots per band
* process for choosing bill

Permits & Metro / Parks/ Etc.
John Mulvey
Andru Martin
Cary Clarke

Initial Tasks:

* What does Portland Parks & Recreation require?  Metro?
* Determine the difference in requirements for small, medium, and large events
* Network with other committees for data
* Would it be easier to handle OLCC hurdles by doing it through a third-party agency such as a restaurant vendor or an existing venue?

Sound & Engineering
Jay Caruso

Initial Tasks:
* Determine pay rates for pro sound people * Determine how many people we need for what tasks

Crew & Stage Management
The Divided
Greg Borenstein

Initial Tasks:
* Determine the plausibility of double stages * Find out who builds or rents stages and how much it costs

Promotion & Press
Myrrh - listen_at_myrrhmusic.net
Greg Borenstein
Matt Wright
Rod Steward
Nexus Underground

Initial Tasks:

* Get ad rates
* Determine (at least vague) budget
* Begin to develop a contacts list

Artwork & Merchandise
Darin Fabrick
Jay Caruso
Greg Borenstein

Initial Tasks:
* Logo sketches
* Initial budget & ideas

Budget & Crowd Estimation
John Mulvey
Cary Clarke

Initial tasks:
* Rough intial budget
* Categories

Sponsorships, Grants & Fundraising
Josh Kirby
Jay Caruso
Greg Borenstein
Matt Wright

Initial Tasks:
* Regional arts & culture council * Wish list of sponsors * List of potential grantors * Contact some potential larger sponsors to see what they require for sponsorship consideration Venue, Facilities, Volunteer Coordination & Security Cary Clarke - cary_clarke_at_example.com Matthew Sheehy - revolverrecords_at_example.com Initial Tasks: * List of possible outdoor sites & venues * Pros & cons of above * Gather data on similar events & their locations

Greg Borenstein

Thanks everyone!
- Josh / Empty Set


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