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With the first post by Rachel Blumberg on June 11th 1998, the PDX Pop list has made its way into the Portland, Oregon indiepop scene. It was created as a discussion and announcement forum for indiepop music in the Pacific Northwest area, in the hope of building a stronger community of pop bands and pop fans in Portland. This list is moderated. We welcome anyone in the local area who is interested in the indiepop music to join, and spread your love of pop to the fellow Portland indie kids :) Please read our rule for the list. If you sign up to our list, you express your agreement to our rules.

In 2004, our listers has started a music festival called PDX POP Now! Since then it has taken a life of its own from its humble birthplace. To celebrate the ten years anniversary of the festival and share the spirit of Portland indie music scene, we have posted the original PDX POP Now discussion thread that inspired and started the festival. We hope you enjoy them.

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Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 14:33:10 -0700 (PDT)
From: pdx-staff@******
To: pdx-pop@******
Subject: PDX POP - boy crazy show

boy crazy is playing with cherry ice cream smile, tra la la, and sarah douger this saturday at 17 nautical miles ( which is on woodstock and about 45th). it starts at 9:30pm.

hope to see y'all there!


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