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Welcome to the international indiepop list. This is the continuation of Julian Lawton's original indiepop list started in the summer of 1994. The list has lived through different incarnation via Bill Peregoy at The World and Steve Thornton at Eskimo North when it suddenly disappeared on We are collaborating with Pete at Tweenet to bring the indiepop list back to you. If you are interested in joining the indiepop list please use the form below to join. By joining the list, you explicitly agree to our rules:

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The Indiepop mailing-list is devoted to discussion of independently produced pop music, the kind that tends to come out on small-run seven-inch singles with handmade sleeves. They call it "wimpy" and "twee", but Pop Kids everywhere know that the true spirit of Punk Rock lives on not in the mass-marketed "alternative" scene, or the sub-metal caterwauling of testosterone-poisoned grunge-rockers, but in the simple and pure efforts of kids banging out sweet delicious songs on cheap guitars.


Julian Lawton started the indiepop list in the summer of 1994. For several years, a number of pop people had been talking on the 4AD-L list about breaking away and forming their own list. This idea was encouraged by the diehard 4AD fans on that list, since it really wasn't a very appropriate place to discuss Sarah Records and so on. Initially, Julian merely assembled the few posts together and hand-forwarded them to people who said they were interested. This obviously wasn't going to work, so our first true listowner stepped in: Bill Peregoy of Pop Narcotic records. The list was a Majordomo list called at first. The first message was sent by Maura Smale on September 24, 1994. Less than a month later, The World announced that they were going to start charging huge fees for running mailing lists, and Bill was unwilling to continue. So Steve Thornton in Seattle took over, and transferred the list to Eskimo North in Seattle, Washington. It was originally a Majordomo list called; since then, it's changed a few times, to Listproc and finally Smartlist, and came to be called In late 1999, Steve decided to call it quits and the list was taken over by Jeff Barrus and Tina Henry-Barrus in Washington, D.C. After a brief stint at Onelist/Egroups, the indiepop-list was restored to its former home at Eskimo North. Later, it was ran by Michael Perry from Manic Pop! Records on But it suddenly disappeared on June 10th 2013. Since then Pete from Tweenet has called on help to restore the list, and it is restored to this current location.

For more information, please visit Tweenet indiepop list page.

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